A Fresh Approach to Our Grants Process

We are thrilled to introduce a new approach to our grant process for the 2024-25 cycle, involving more interaction and engagement with our community.

Our approach and processes continue to be responsive and relevant to the community we serve and are firmly based on Melbourne Women’s Foundation values of collaboration and integrity. 

Our granting approach continues to:

  • Reinforce women as core beneficiaries and primary recipients of an applicant’s activities. Grant applicants must clearly articulate and outline how the activity they are seeking funding prioritises women as main beneficiaries.
  • Appreciate and address interconnectedness across Melbourne Women’s Foundation key priority areas. We continually review and refine our approach in response to shifting expectations and emerging issues.
  • Strive for inclusivity and diversity by continuing to connect through broad networks.
  • Focus on implementing initiatives that maximise a woman’s agency, choice, sense of autonomy, inclusion as well as encouraging and supports self-determination. This is a shift from notions about women as ‘vulnerable’, a static, stigmatising description, acknowledging that many women become vulnerable because of circumstances of ‘vulnerability’.
  • Maintain professionalism and confidentiality by establishing clear boundaries between the committee members and grant recipients. This includes designating the CEO as the primary contact for grant management and ensuring the privacy of committee members in all aspects of the process.
  • Foster learning and development for members and prospective members by engaging and informing on current issues and grantee impact, as well as promoting a culture of collaboration, democratic decision-making, and mentorship for new committee members.

Changemakers Grants Round 2024/2025

Our unique model of collective giving means our grant amounts are dependent entirely on funds we receive from members and additional donations received by 30 June each year.

Final grant amounts will be announced when the grant round opens in July 2024.

Changemakers Grants Expo

Thursday 24 October 2024 at JLL, co-sponsored by Bendigo Community Bank Elwood, details and link to tickets in Upcoming Events.

After rigorous eligibility and due diligence assessment the Grants Committee will recommend six finalists for consideration for approval by the Board and for funds to be made available to the successful applicants.

Members and finalist nonprofits will interact at an expo-style event in October and at a celebratory event in November, fostering a giving community connected with current issues and grantee impact.

The Changemakers Grants Expo ensures the grantees and members can actively participate in the event. Participants will be able to directly engage with our giving circle members, providing them with a broader audience, supporter network and potential donors.

Members vote to allocate grants

Members with a current membership vote on which organisation receives a grant. The voting period will be open from Thursday 17 to Friday 25 October 2024.
Grant finalists will be notified of their success and members will receive an email announcing the final results, as soon as practicable after voting is completed.

Annual Celebration – Thursday 28 November

All grant beneficiaries will be invited to our Annual Celebration on Thursday 28 November at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre.

Call for new Grants Committee Members
Expressions of Interest by 25 April 2024

The committee is committed to pursuing opportunities to involve members in the committee, growing expertise and confidence as a committee to support high quality decision-making.

Members are encouraged to contact Liza Nadolski, CEO to find out more [email protected] or 0499 295 896.