Leave a gift in your Will to Melbourne Women's Foundation

By leaving a gift in your Will to Melbourne Women’s Foundation you are creating a lasting legacy for future generations of vulnerable women and families in Melbourne.

Your bequest would be made to Melbourne Women’s Fund Endowment Fund, a Charitable Fund Account within the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Fund, to support our charitable causes over the long term. The endowment will grow over time and each year its income will be distributed to support MWF’s mission. Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, as trustee of the Fund, will ensure that governance and compliance requirements are met. You can find out more about the Melbourne Women’s Fund Endowment Fund here.

We are grateful for any gifts left to us in a Will, large or small.

Suggested wording for your Will

The following wording is based on the ‘Leaving A Lasting Legacy Guide’ provided by Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation. However, we recommend that you take advice from your solicitor when preparing your Will to ensure it reflects your precise wishes.

“I direct my executors to give to the trustee of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Fund (ABN 63 635 798 473), and I express the wish that the bequest be credited against the Charitable Fund Account known as Melbourne Women’s Fund Endowment Fund.

“My executors may accept a receipt from the recipient(s) as sufficient discharge of this bequest.”

“I confirm that, for the avoidance of doubt, the wish expressed herein is not intended in any way to fetter the discretion of my executors under clause [refer to the Will clause number for the suggested clause above] nor bind the recipient to apply the bequest for purposes more limiting or specific than the broad charitable purposed of the fund”.

For a personal discussion about how to best arrange a bequest to Melbourne Womens’s Fund, please contact the Development Team at Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation at (03) 9633 0033 or email [email protected]  

Acknowledgement of your Gift

To honour our donors’ legacy, we like to acknowledge gifts from individuals and/or funds through our digital and/or printed media in addition to our MWF Bequest Honour Roll. This also allows us to share with recipients the names of the generous individuals who made their gift possible. However, we appreciate you may value your privacy and would seek your estate’s permission about public acknowledgment. You may wish to put a clause in your Will regarding your express wishes about MWF acknowledgement of your gift.

And lastly, please remember to discuss your generous bequest with your family and friends so they are fully aware of your wishes to support the Melbourne Women’s Foundation.