You Matter – Nurturing Grant Update

At the Working Wonders with Women event, You Matter shared how their grant-funded project has positively impacted their community. By investing in women-led initiatives, we can make real progress in creating a more just and equitable world.

You Matter works closely with family violence support agencies to provide assistance to women and children who have been impacted by family violence. They’re helping these survivors set up their new homes with everything they need to start afresh.

CEO, Maxine Gross and Service Coordinator, Jen McMahon, of You Matter shared the inspiring difference they are making in the lives of many.

About the project:

To appoint a dedicated Service Coordinator to deliver havens to empower women survivors. 

What has the project achieved so far ?

Why is this project needed now?

“You Matter re-introduced my self-worth, I felt like a human being again. I feel really privileged – they are extremely giving. They have given me comfort and beauty.

The amount of help they gave me really touched my heart, it was really beautiful. They really paid attention to my personality, they created something that let me be me”. 

Woman Survivor

Find out more about You Matter and how they are creating homes for a brighter future.