Spotlight on New Members

Our Next Gen membership has grown significantly over the past year, and Mary is one of the amazing women who has joined our collective giving community. In her own words, Mary shares why she believes in the impact of working with likeminded women to make a difference.

“I joined the Melbourne Women’s Fund because I believe in the impact of collective giving & collaborating with a group of likeminded women. Being part of a dynamic giving circle allows me to amplify the impact of my contributions to the causes that are important to me, in particular supporting women in my community.”

“As a member, I find fulfilment in knowing that every donation, no matter the size, is a crucial building block in constructing a landscape where women can thrive.”

“For me, MWF represents a commitment to champion equality and nurture and empower the aspirations of women. It’s about being part of a movement that believes in the power of collective generosity to create lasting change.”

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