Renew or become a Melbourne Women’s Fund Member

Renew or become a Melbourne Women’s Fund member by June 30th 2023 to include your membership donation in our 2023 grants! 

Would you like to strengthen the impact of your donation dollars? If yes, please become a member of, or donate to, our special giving circle – Melbourne Women’s Fund – by June 30th!

June 30th 2023 is the deadline for membership and general donations to our funding pool that we grant to non-profits in November 2023.

The more funding we have by June 30th, the more we can grant to high-calibre non-profits assisting vulnerable women and families in Melbourne.

Already vulnerable women and families in our Melbourne community have experienced a twofold blow in the last three years: Covid and the increased cost of living. This has also increased pressure on non-profit organisations assisting these individuals—organisations that already experience strained resources.

Members experience the benefits of:

– Amplifying their donations’ power through our collective

– Supporting disadvantaged women and families in Melbourne and learning about non-profits that assist them

– Knowing their annual giving is directed to six rigorously assessed organisations

– Having a say in which non-profits receive their funding through their votes, and

– Being part of a community that shares their social impact values.

To join, go to To donate, go to:

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to [email protected]

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