Spotlight on Committee Member


NextGen Member Hannah shares her journey from member to NextGen Chairperson.

“I joined MWFs a few years ago as I wanted to give back and start getting involved in philanthropy however I was overwhelmed with the number of charities and ways of giving.

Working at Evans & Partners provided me with a great introduction to the Melbourne Women’s Foundation from my colleagues who were already members. The welcoming and informative atmosphere, especially from the NextGen group, sparked my enthusiasm to step up as the NextGen Chair when Emily sought a replacement. 

The giving circle approach means that while individually my contribution may not make a large difference, together, we are making a meaningful contribution to these nonprofits.

Looking ahead, my aim is to further expand the NextGen membership base, building on Emily’s work. I also intend to ensure that current and new members feel connected and fulfilled by MWFs’ activities, fostering long-lasting membership.”