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Our giving circle is a strong, compassionate community and our grants make a difference.

Since 2014, we’ve been supporting nonprofits tackling some of the biggest issues facing women and families in Melbourne, including gender inequality, family domestic violence and homelessness.

Bringing our resources together as a giving circle fosters a sense of purpose. 

“Being able to vote on which nonprofit is granted funds gives me a voice and the ability to be part of something bigger. I feel joy and collaboration, the best version of myself.”

Belinda – member since 2014

Become a member by June 30, 2024
You’ll enhance your impact and have the opportunity to vote in October 2024 on how we allocate the funds collected this financial year.

Our members enrich our community and allow us to make a meaningful impact. 

Your action today can shape a brighter tomorrow for women and families in need. 

Our Collective Impact

In November 2023, our members voted to award a major grant to each of these two nonprofits, selected from six finalists:

  • Prison Network: $80,000 helping women post-incarceration to build a future
  • St Kilda Gatehouse: $45,000 providing vital support to marginalised women 

Join us on Thursday 29 August 2024, as we connect with Prison Network and St Kilda Gatehouse for an update and a Q&A session.

Meaningful Connections

Connect with members and friends at one of our regular social gatherings in your local area.

Upcoming events:

  • Fri 14 June 10:30am Peninsula Coffee
  • Tue 18 June 7:00pm Boroondara Dinner
  • Wed 17 July 7:00pm Merri-bek Dinner
  • Yarra dinner dates, to be announced soon
  • We continually review and refine our approach to new challenges facing women and families
  • Women are the primary beneficiaries of grant applicants’ activities, with our initiatives aimed at maximising a woman’s agency, choice, and sense of autonomy
  • We recognise the interconnectedness of challenges faced by women, and value inclusivity and diversity in all our activities

Together, We Make a Difference

You Matter used our $40,000 grant in 2022 to set up homes for 56 women and 78 children survivors of domestic violence, reducing the likelihood of women returning to an abusive partner due to lack of basic needs. 

“My client is over the moon and so appreciative of the support in establishing a new home for herself after escaping a violent relationship. Everything You Matter provided was amazing.”  – Support Worker 

We promote collaboration, life-long learning and personal development.

  • Attend special learning events and make new friends
  • Have a say in allocating grants
  • See the impact of your contribution

Membership fees are tax-deductible. Joining before 30 June gives you the opportunity to vote for the nonprofits that will receive our grants this October.

Last year, our work was recognised by Philanos, a US women’s giving circle network, paying tribute to our partnership and impactful grant to Women and Mentoring.

Together, We Make a Difference

Learn about challenges in our community and hear from dynamic speakers. See one of our events in action.

Spotlight on a Committee Member

“I joined Melbourne Women’s Foundation a few years ago to give back and get involved in philanthropy. The welcoming and informative atmosphere sparked my enthusiasm to step up as the NextGen Committee Chairperson.”

Leave a lasting legacy for women and families.

Melbourne Women’s Foundation gratefully accepts bequests.