Introducing Digital Inclusion – Bridging the Digital Divide

“Introducing Digital Inclusion” on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, shed light on the barriers, issues, and opportunities to bridge the digital divide. The panel discussion and Q&A focused on the impact on women and families in our community and explored opportunities for action and collaboration, in a world increasingly driven by technology,

Kate Fazio, a Social Impact and Legal Consultant, highlighted the dual aspects of digital inclusion;
“On one hand, there’s the disadvantage of people not being able to access information and services online, while on the other hand, there are safety risks related to the misuse of personal details and tech-based harassment or threats.”

To address these challenges, Nicky Dulfer, Senior Lecturer at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, emphasised the need for government and organisations to understand the end user of technology when creating information online for our diverse community.

In addition, Iffrin Fittock, CEO of Sisterworks, encouraged the audience to help bridge the gap in the digital knowledge divide and volunteer within our neighbourhoods to teach women computer, internet, or other technology skills. Furthermore, Ifrin suggested donating ‘old’ (3-5 years) computers to organisations that can repurpose and pass them on to people who otherwise would not be able to buy them.

Panellist Uzma Rubab, Director Celebrating and Conserving Cultures encouraged attendees to
“Look around, extend a hand and see where you can help. What we want is a connected, accepting, and respectful society.”

It was a fantastic evening that created valuable connections and actionable learning.

Thank you!

Our learning events are an example of a community coming together with a common purpose of investing in the wellbeing of women and families in Melbourne. Thank you to our distinguished panellists:

  • Uzma Rubab Director, Celebrating and Conserving Cultures
  • Ifrin Fittock CEO, Sisterworks
  • Kate Fazio Social Impact and Legal Consultant, formerly Justice Connect 
  • Nicky Dulfer Senior Lecturer, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne and co-author of Understanding Digital Inequality: an analysis of unequal connectivity in Carlton Housing Estate, Melbourne 2022 

Thanks also to our generous host, Canva for welcoming us intheir vibrant and inviting office in Collingwood.

Thank you to the delicious food provided and served by Free to Feed and photography provided by Fotografa AU.


Computer donations

ESafety Commissioner if you need help with distressing online content